Want To Get Your Business Noticed By The News Media?

And there's a relatively new giant in the marketing arena - social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hotlist, and many, many more. The Internet can be a gold mine.

Getting noticed by the news media and participating on the Internet's social sites can be vital to an effective marketing strategy. Members of the media - the press, radio, TV, and Internet bloggers - constantly look for news to report. Throw them some bait; write (or have someone write) a clever, hard-hitting, honest, and accurate description of your operation, especially your strong points and anything you may do differently. Events sponsored by your company may be newsworthy. The best way to find out is to issue news releases about your events. You, or one of your employees, also may be worthy of a personality profile. Again, toss out some bait: write a description of yourself or the employee and send out a press release.

One caveat: There are two types of publicity - good, and bad. But before we get into the types of publicity, and how you can avoid bad publicity, let's look at a just a few of the things you can do to get noticed by the media:

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