Financial Planning

Some clients prefer to begin their step into Wealth Management with a written comprehensive financial plan. The team at MG&A Wealth can develop a custom-tailored financial plan, which includes in-depth analysis and detailed recommendations in the following areas:

  • Investment Analysis
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Lifestyle Planning
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Tax Considerations

We believe all of MG&A Wealth’ wealth management clientele benefit from the extensive knowledge of our financial planning team. We pride ourselves on being highly alert to the many nuances and changes found within the financial markets including estate and tax considerations. This allows us to provide each client with the confidence of knowing we’re working by their side to help them through the many peaks and valleys inherent in life, whether in portfolio adjustment or circumstances.

Budget Planning Worksheet

Estate Planning

You have spent decades building your wealth. Creating a legacy does not necessarily mean bequeathing assets outright upon your death to your family and community. Personal trusts are a flexible tool that can help you define and safeguard your legacy for future generations – providing an opportunity for you to determine the future direction of your assets, ensure wealth preservation perhaps for generations, help minimize tax implications, and to maintain your financial privacy by avoiding probate. Not only do personal trusts provide a clear roadmap and minimize confusion and conflict for your heirs, they give immediate control and asset protection for you and your family in the event of a sudden change in your health or family situation.

A comprehensive estate plan encompasses much more than a personal trust. Who will make decisions for you should you become incapacitated? Living wills, durable powers of attorney, life and long term care insurances, and more, are all tools that should be included in a proper estate plan. For business owners, having an up to date business continuity plan and key man life insurance may also be appropriate.

MG&A Wealth and our broker-dealer do not provide tax or legal advice, we will work closely with your attorney or can help find someone suitable for you. Knowing you, your family and your desires allows us to help you through this sometimes difficult process.

Estate Planning Document Locator

Retirement Planning

Planning your financial independence through retirement is so much more than answering the question "can I afford retire?" or trying to pinpoint a magic number. If you're like most investors, you've worked for many years to build an investment portfolio and accumulate wealth and now you're wondering how you can turn your lifetime savings into an income stream. There are many different answers to this question as each client's income needs vary. Our process is twofold; manage the overall risk and product mix for your income generating assets to help ensure a steady cash flow stream, and minimize the tax impact of distributions through tax-managed strategies and managers.

But planning for retirement isn't only about the dollars. It encompasses a wide array of lifestyle changes requiring in depth thought and discussion. How will you spend your free time? What will your legacy be? Who is going to take over your company or should you sell it? Are there any charitable organizations you would like to get involved with either directly or through other financial means? We help our client's with these exact questions and more every day. There isn't always a clear answer but our years of experience can help guide you to the answers that are right for you.

Tax Considerations

For most investors, not taking taxes into consideration can directly affect your chances of meeting your life and wealth objectives. Taxes are one of the biggest detriments to portfolio returns, yet investors so often ignore them.

Tax-loss harvesting is a technique used to lower your taxes while maintaining the expected risk and return profile of your portfolio. Our portfolio experts harvest previously unrecognized investment losses to offset taxes due on your other gains and income. You can reinvest these tax savings to significantly grow the value of your portfolio.

We employ a special focus on tax management to help control tax implications within your portfolio and to help you enhance after-tax returns because we all know that when it comes down to it, it’s not the money you earn – it’s what you keep. We treat taxes as a liability that needs to be properly managed. We utilize specialized managers that account for taxes daily in their investment decisions. Additionally tax considerations play an integral role in our investment process. We make tax sensitivity an ongoing process, from portfolio structure to manager selection and ongoing monitoring.

Of course, we consult with your CPA® & tax attorney to ensure you are up-to-date all around.

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